Meet the Team: Operations Intern, Cristina Saez

5th November 2020

Read about Cristina Saez - find out about her role and little bit more about her life.

Tell us about your role at CTH and what you have been up to before?

I am doing an internship for my administration and finance higher education degree which I am studying at IES Ausias March in Valencia. I am working across the CTH Operations, Marketing and Academic departments, to gain as much experience as I can.

Has it been much different from what you are used to?

Before starting at CTH I was studying a business degree in Spain. It is my first time working in a company and I have to say that is a very good experience. Here, I am practicing the things that I learned in my degree for the past 2 years.

That's great! What are you enjoying most about working at CTH?

The Covid-19 pandemic is giving me a different experience to what I expected a year ago when I was supposed to come. But now I am here, I am having one of the best experiences I could ever have. I am enjoying the work that I do and of course I am improving my English which is part of the reason why I chose London in the first place. Before the lockdown I was visiting some parts of London like Camden, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and I was in love with the city. Hopefully, I will see it with all the Christmas decorations when the lockdown finishes.

Hope you get to see the famous West End Christmas lights! Also, what is your favourite food?

My favourite food is, of course, the Spanish one! I love it, but I especially like paella, ham and Spanish omelette, although I also like Italian food as pizza or pasta.

Seeing as we are CTH, we have got to ask, what is the best holiday you have been on?

My best holiday was 2 years ago in the Maldives, it was a completely relaxing trip in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the green trees and palms where you can swim with non-dangerous sharks and do snorkelling. It was a wonderful experience, hopefully I will go again in the future.