Meet the Team: Culinary Examiner, Philippe Degand

26th January 2017
phillipe degand

Hi Philippe, tell us a bit about your role at CTH and what you’re going to be doing

Hi, well I will manage and monitor the assessment, marking and quality assurance processes for the culinary qualifications from Levels 2 to 5. This includes managing external verification of UK and overseas centres, practising a validity-based approach to developing assessments and contributing to the review of qualification structures, content and assessment materials.

Impressive, you must have a lot of experience; could you tell us what you were doing before you worked at CTH?

I was, and still am, working as an IQA (Internal Quality Assurer) for 2 organisations, as an EQA (External Quality Assurer) for one awarding body and as a chef for an outside catering event company. Prior to that, I worked in FE for 13 years as a chef lecturer, a curriculum manager and a lead IQA.

What are you most looking forward to about working at CTH?

I am looking forward to developing the quality assurance processes for culinary programmes and to work with centres helping them to deliver CTH qualifications to a high standard.

Earlier, you mentioned that you work as a chef, so this question should be interesting. Here it is, what is your favourite food?

Challenging question! I would say seafood (preferably as a seafood platter), or a rare grilled rib eye steak with ½ gallon of béarnaise sauce, fresh French fries and Provençale tomatoes or maybe any French pastry!!!

That was very detailed, you know your food, how about your travel. What is the best holiday you’ve been on?

A gastronomic tour of the south of France and north of Spain culminating with a meal at El Bulli. Memorable!

Indeed. Thank you Philippe, that was fun

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