English for Tourism and Hospitality – Teaching Package

This English qualification is designed to provide candidates with a range of communication and study skills to prepare them for an effective academic progression route; in addition to language skills for working in the sector.

Programme Overview

The aim of this English for Tourism and Hospitality – Teaching Package is to provide a qualification that offers students a range of communication and study skills that can be used both in academia and in a vocational context.

To work in many international Tourism and Hospitality environments it is often essential that candidates have a competent level of English. Through the completion of this qualification, learners give themselves an effective entry route into the industry or academic progression.

This English Teaching Package is ideal for learners who have completed full time secondary or high school education up to age 16; however, applicants may register with a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications

“I chose CTH because it is a well known organisation and welcomed globally. It will make my career easier within the sector in any country. Basically, i live in Bangladesh and i’m studying at Mornington University College. This institute has a lot of facilities which they are providing to the students. All the teachers of this institute guide the students very sincerely. That is why, all the students are gradually increasing their and paying more attention on their CTH Diploma Course. So, i’m very thankful to the Mornington College of Business for providing this course in Sylhet. Now i’m able to get my International Degree by staying in Sylhet”.

Arif Ahmed