Success Story: An Interview with Former CTH Student, Vern Onketphon

Posted on 5th August 2016
On graduation day (Vern)

Former CTH Tourism and Hospitality student, Vern Onketphon discusses her time in London, her experiences and some advice for our readers.

Welcome, tell our readers about yourself

Hi, my name is Jirattikarn Onketphon but my nickname is Vern. I went to London in 2007 straight after finishing High School in Thailand.

Vern it is then. So Vern, had you been away from home prior to your trip to London?

It was really my first time away from home. The first 3 months were tough to live in a place with a totally different culture and way of living.

I can understand what you mean. So how did you adjust to it and what did you get up too in London?

First, I started to study English lessons at King’s Street College and spent a year finishing the first certificate level. After that, I started studying at West London College on Diploma for Hospitality and Tourism management and started the Higher Diploma the year after. Then I decided to finish off my final year at West London College in BA Hons degree in International Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University. with-my-teacher-and-classmates-vern

Wow, you’re very ambitious. So, what did you do after this?

With all the experience I had from studying at the highly recognized College – West London College, it gave me an opportunity to get a job as a Front Office Agent at a 4-star hotel – Lancaster London. Moreover, when I settled back in Thailand, it gave me an even better opportunity to succeed when I applied for a job.

So what did you get out of the experience as a whole?

Studying abroad did give me lots of great experiences, strength, confidence and it taught me how to adapt and work in a diverse environment.

Those are some very valuable skills, especially in the hospitality industry. We wish you much success in the future.

Thank you. Vern is now working as an Associate Market Manager at Expedia, one of biggest Online Travel Agents in the world. The last words she left us with were:
I would definitely say choosing the right course at the right place is important, it will positively draw your future to be what you want to be.

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