Teach it, Make it, Taste it: The CTH Culinary Programmes

7th August 2017

To commemorate the start of the new academic year, this week we look at the CTH Culinary Programmes in all its glory

Since its commencement, the CTH Culinary Programmes has been a successful imprint on the CTH brand. This can be seen by the way its developed as well as the way that it has been received. From Level 2 to Level 5, each level presents a new learning experience that caters to the majority of those seeking some form of exposure to culinary training. We've seen cases whereby individuals from different backgrounds have gravitated towards the CTH Culinary Programmes and have gained different but ultimately satisfactory results from it. A former naval personnel who gained a new lease on life and became a Head Chef (via CTH Testimonials) or a student who after studying the CTH Programme went abroad to open a guest house and teach cookery classes (via CTH Testimonials); the CTH Culinary course provided opportunities for everyone.

Food is like a universal language, which means that the CTH Culinary Programme has been able to seamlessly integrate into different cultures and environments, this has allowed us to connect with centres worldwide. Through their efforts, students have been able to get the most out the CTH programme.

Teach it

Our CTH centres are fully equipped to facilitate the CTH Culinary courses and offer students the best opportunity to learn. Centres provide offerings depending on the needs of the individuals; shorter courses can be taken through the Award qualification or longer, more in-depth courses through the Diploma qualifications. Each centre may have different take-in periods in order to cater to the different time frames needed for the completion of the different levels. Some of our courses are also specialised, therefore offering the centres an opportunity to provide diverse experiences. For example, the Level 2 Award in Culinary Skills has a vegetarian variation therefore providing something different for our centres in Asia and other parts of the world with an inclination towards a vegetarian diet. Each centre has the discretion to select which types of dishes they wish to prepare, therefore, allowing them to cater the course content to meet what is customary to the region. For example, preparing the national dish can be appealing for students and centres. Through this and our work with our centres, the Culinary Qualifications will continue to grow - 'The CTH qualifications offered by Tante Marie continue to be relevant to the nature of our training' (Tante Marie Culinary, 2016).

Make it, Taste it

Enjoying food isn't something that is gender specific, nor is it bound by ethnicity, therefore, neither should cooking be. At CTH, we encourage everyone to get involved and be a part of something enjoyable and fulfilling. Our CTH students can choose the path that they want to take through our qualifications. If you've completed a hospitality course but are interested in cooking or if you like both hospitality and cooking but are leaning towards culinary, the Level 5 Diploma in Culinary and Hospitality Management could be an option for you. We know some people are attracted by the design element of culinary and so they like decorating cakes and pastries, the Confectionery and Patisserie Qualification is something that is very enjoyable in this regard. If you just want to try something new (like the International Hotel School student in the video) there are different courses for you, as demonstrated at Leiths - 'Last term was all about family style cooking, [now] they focus on a variation of skills' (Lily Grouse, 2017).

We look ahead to the new academic year with excitement, as new courses begin and new centres and students start their journeys as part of the CTH Family. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on all the ongoing movements of CTH, our centres and our students, just be sure to check in to the CTH News area.

View our CTH Culinary centres here and get involved now: http://www.cthawards.com/approved-teaching-centres/