How can YOU help improve the CTH Members site?

5th June 2019
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In line with our ambitions of continually improving our services, we are planning a complete overhaul of the existing Members site and replacing it with a fresher, more interactive one; however, we need your help!

For many years now, we've been running the CTH Members site as a way for our centre staff and students to use resources, access important documents and as a guidance tool. However, we feel it's time for us to revamp the site and offer much more.

In this digital age, there's more of an emphasis on interactive media such as video material and imagery, however it's also important that things aren't scattered, and users aren't left confused. So, we want to give you more visual content, different kinds of resources and tools, but we want to create a clear and helpful site.

Ultimately, the Members site is for you; our CTH approved centre staff and students, so it's essential we hear from you. Let us know what you want to see on the Members site. Do you want to have a section about career advice? Do you want competitions and prizes? Or maybe interactive videos related to your course? Let us know by contacting us.

Thank you.