CTH Centre, NHI announce the latest ‘Hospitality Champions’

9th February 2022
A group of NHI 'Hospitality Champions' 2021 winners posing with their certificates.

For the second consecutive year, the National Hospitality Institute (NHI) continues to recognise excellence and outstanding achievements in the industry through their 'Hospitality Champions' event.

Created in partnership between NHI and Omani-based publishing group - Apex Media, one of the key objectives for the 'Hospitality Champions' event is to promote and develop the hospitality industry in Oman.

The nation-wide expansion of the hospitality and tourism sector has become a more prominent part of the Omani government's agenda; therefore, the 'Hospitality Champions Awards' is the perfect torch-bearer for this development.

Nominees are selected by their employers and can be entered into one of the 25 categories depending on their area of work. For example, there are awards for a Commis Chef, HR Assistant, Front Office Junior and many other positions. Winners are selected based on their outstanding achievements over the year and going above and beyond the call of duty.

We spoke with Robert MacLean, Principal at NHI Oman who commented:

'Oman Hospitality Champions' is designed to open the window on the hidden Omani talent in the Hospitality industry in Oman. This serves two main purposes - One, to encourage existing workers to stay in the industry by showing that they are being recognised and being rewarded. Secondly, to encourage other young Omanis who can see this activity to come forward for work in an industry that can provide stable employment and give opportunities for personal growth.

Congratulations to all involved! You can view a video of the winners receiving their awards here.

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