CTH Centre Visit: The South African Tour

12th January 2017
International Hotel School Visit

Cheeeese: Carla Lopes and some International Hotel School (Cape Town) students posing for a picture

South Africa is well known for it's political figures, wildlife and gold. However, our Sales & Marketing Manager didn't go to South Africa to look for gold in the form of minerals but instead she went to visit the CTH accredited learning centres that offer our Gold Standard qualifications.


The Trip

CTH's Sales & Marketing Manager, Carla Lopes, accompanied by our South African Regional Manager, Yogini Sigamoney took the opportunity to take a tour around South Africa to visit our CTH accredited centres. Making these trips not only prove to be a valuable experience for our centres but also for CTH. Being able to actively engage with our centre staff and students is something that CTH endorses and will continue to do. CTH has strong links in South Africa and has enjoyed a fruitful relationship within the region for many years; that relationship was a part of what made the trip all the more worthwhile. img_20161128_134434283_hdr

The Centres

The trip commenced in Johannesburg and ended in Cape Town, so there was a lot to see. Viewing centres, talking to staff and meeting students was all a part of what Carla did. She found this very enjoyable, even saying:

“I was completely amazed with all the centres I have visited in South Africa during my visit. All the facilities have a high level of quality and all the people I met were very warm and welcoming.”

To see our centres in South Africa, go to our Approved Teaching Centres page.


Regional Manager, Yogini Sigamoney

It wasn't just Carla who had a great time during the CTH centre visit, but also our regional manager, Yogini Sigamoney. Yogini has been working with CTH for a number of years and has remained a reliable source in overseeing our South African centres. In regards to the visit, she said:

"All our teaching centres , enjoyed engaging with her [Carla Lopes] and felt comfortable to discuss and share their CTH experience. The centres were also very appreciative of the visit and felt more connected to CTH."

An enjoyable trip indeed.

Look out for our next segment of the CTH Centre Visit; who knows, maybe your learning centre may feature.


Centres from left to right: Rosebank College (Braamfontein), HC Varsity (Cape Town) and Global Prospectus (Johannesburg)

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