How Does CTH Continue to Keep It’s Standards High?

31st August 2017
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'At CTH, our core mission is to provide the highest standard of qualifications'. If you've never seen these words then you may not have seen the CTH strategic vision. Our strategic vision is the benchmark for keeping our standards high. Take a look at how we do this in this week's CTH News article.

A strategic vision is designed to provide a guide for where an organisation wants to be and how they plan to get there. Have a read of one of our strategic visions below:

High Quality

At CTH, our core mission is to provide the highest standard of qualifications. CTH achieves this through robust monitoring supported by the industry, universities and the UK government regulator, Ofqual.

One way that we specifically try to improve the standard of our qualifications is through our rapport with our CTH Approved Centres. We encourage an open dialogue between our centres so that we can gauge the effectiveness of our qualifications. Our yearly re-accreditation process is where we get the bulk of the feedback from our approved centres.

During last years [2016] re-accreditation process, one centre had this to say about the CTH Level 3 and 4 qualifications - 'we should suggest perhaps more practical activities be included as the current assessment outcomes.' Having a more practical element to the qualifications are helpful but its importance differs depending on the region in question. In some of the countries that CTH operates in, there's a big emphasise on gaining employment as quickly as possible, whereas in other countries, it's more so about first obtaining a university degree. Nonetheless, the point made by the centre was a relevant one and something that CTH considered. After months of planning and work, our academic team were able to create a whole new qualification (the Level 2 Hospitality Practice) to provide our centres and students with an opportunity study a practical qualification alongside their Levels 3 or 4 qualifications.

In the same cycle, another centre had this to say - 'CTH are recommended to permit the online/distance learning delivery of these programmes in line with market trends and in response to immigration restrictions to the UK.' Again, the demand for distance learning differs depending on the practices in the region. However, it is something that effects the marketability of our qualifications within certain regions. Therefore, alongside our VA programmes which could already be taken online, the team were able to design the Level 3 Foundation Diploma to be delivered online, which is a great feat.

In regards to the referencing policies we assign, a centre said - 'There is also great emphasis on referencing, and it is felt that this should not be as imperative as it currently is at this stage.' The thing about referencing is, it implores students to actually research and find relevant information, demonstrating that they are not plagiarising. It sets a standard and is helpful in the working world in various ways. Therefore, in order to provide a helping hand, our marketing team were able to create a Harvard Referencing Guide for our Student Members on our CTH Members site in order to combat any difficulties that students were facing.

By engaging and getting feedback we can manage how efficient and effective our qualifications really are. Since last years re-accreditation process, we've made positive strides to continue to improve and hopefully by this time next year we would have made a few more.