Following your Ambition: The Inspirational Story of CTH Student, Tanvir Ahmed

29th September 2016

Introduce yourself and tell our users about your background?

Hi my name is Tanvir Ahmed. I'm a hard working person who is very determined to make a difference. I work as a manager at my family run travel agency in Sylhet, Bangladesh. I have been doing this since 2012 . As a result of this, I managed to motivate myself to do better in life. I faced a lot of struggles in my early educational journey due to my learning difficulties but I didn't let that put me down. I carried on working hard to overcome my weakness and today I'm a manager who is running my family business and studying at the same time to prove myself to the world.

It's really good that you have hotel experience, tell us how you got the internship and what it was like there?

I believe in being practical and proving myself by being honest and to the point. I hunted for places to carry out my internship as I didn't wait for the opportunity to come to me. Instead I went to grab it to own it. I visited Star Specific which is one of the well known hotels in Sylhet. I informed them of my background and my abilities. I also informed them of my current education and how I can learn much more from them with their support. They were impressed with my honesty and experience of working as a manager at a Travel Agency therefore decided to give me a chance to complete my internship. My experience of working for Star Specific as in intern was quite amazing. They helped me put my knowledge into practice.

Were there any challenges?

It was challenging for me at first as I did not know what was expected of me. I felt like they were expecting less of me because I was only an intern and not a full time employee. Regardless of that I decided to chip in and get along with the other employees and blended myself in to prove that I can do this. The director of the hotel was very impressed with me when he saw me work hard day in day out. He understood that I learnt new things everyday by working there as an intern. I was also offered with a job but I decided to carry on building my own business in Travel Agency and spend more time in completing Level 4-6 of my Hotel Management course under CTH.

What are your plans for the future?

As mentioned before my plan is to make a difference. It's quite hard to make a difference in a developing country as there aren't many opportunities for us to grow. However I will carry on working hard to make a name for myself.

Would you recommend the CTH course?

I would recommend this course to any individual who is willing to get themselves out there. It is not too late to get back into education. I thought life had nothing to give me as I did really badly in school due to my learning difficulties. But today I'm in the process of completing all my levels under hotel management in order to have a degree. This says it all and it is not too late to try.

We wish Tanvir all the luck in his pursuit for his degree.

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