Now could be the perfect time to utilise the CTH University Pathways

30th October 2019

The UK government have set in motion a number of proposals that could affect the higher education sector. To ensure our university pathways are as up to date as possible, last week, we had a flurry of visits and meetings with UK universities. Find out about recent developments in this article.

The UK's higher education sector is a world leader and the UK that remains a popular international destination. It is the second-most popular study destination (UNESCO Institute for Statistics), only behind the US, with international students making up almost 20% of its total student base (contributing an estimated £20.3bn to the UK in 2017-18).

Despite Brexit, the UK government and leading industry bodies are still aiming to ensure the UK remains a popular destination to international students. This can be seen in recent announcements:

Government announcements:

- The new graduate immigration route will allow international students, graduating from 2020/21 to stay in the UK for two years, following their graduation, to look for work.

- As part of its commitment to increase the international footprint of UK education, the government introduced the International Education Strategy, which aims to secure 600,000 international students, per year by 2030.


With the looming changes that will impact the higher education sector, it's important that our university pathways are a key area that students looking to further their education can rely on. Last week, as part of a visit, Mr Ahmed of Pakistan CTH centre, COTHM was with us to visit and meet some of our University partners.

Meetings were held at Derby University, Coventry University and London South Bank University, all of which are CTH partner institutions. Derby University is our partner for our popular online bachelor’s top up from our Level 6; Coventry is our lead partner for our Level 7 Master’s progression; while London South Bank University, one of CTH’s longest-standing university partners, offers progression to CTH graduates of Level 4, 5, 6 and 7.

With the recent announcements, it could prove an important time to consider what pathways are available and which one you want to take.