Meet the Team: Director of Marketing and Business Development Manager, Steve Beckworth

27th September 2017
steve beckworth

Hello Steve, tell us a bit about your role at CTH and what you’re going to be doing

Hello, well I’m leading the Marketing and Business Development team to assist our various teaching centres in the UK and around the world with teaching our qualifications. I also aim to work on various marketing campaigns to help engage students and increase awareness of CTH in the sector.

Impressive, you must have a lot of experience; could you tell us what you were doing before you worked at CTH?

I have been working in various marketing communications and account management roles for around 20 years, working with clients like the Association of Colleges and various universities on their events and marketing campaigns, plus retention and development of members or students.

What are you most looking forward to about working at CTH?

I am really looking forward to visiting our centres and speaking to some of the students that are studying our qualifications. I want to hear first-hand what their plans are and how we are helping them to plan an exciting career in the global tourism and hospitality sector.

What is your favourite food?

Currently, its Mexican street food. I think there is nothing better than fresh, tasty, simple ingredients. I’m not a great fan of fine dining, I like to feel as though the food I’m eating is authentic and hasn’t been handled by 20 people before it arrives on my plate.

That was very detailed, you know your food, how about your travel. What is the best holiday you’ve been on?

This has to be Bali. I’m lucky enough to have been a few times and lived there for 3 months when I was travelling in the 90s. I am very attracted by the tranquility and beauty of this island and this is reflected in its people too. I could imagine living there one day to be honest. CTH Bali office … perhaps?

Indeed. We like that idea! Let's send all staff to Bali! Thank you Steve, that was fun

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